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Paşalimanı Caddesi
No:73, 34670 Paşalimanı
Üsküdar / ISTANBUL
Ciner Group aims at being the biggest group in Turkey and contributes to the economical, social and cultural development and future of Turkey.

Founded on March 7, 1978, and known as Park Group until December 2004, Ciner Group; has started its commercial activities with the manufacture, sales and importation of automotive spare parts. During the second half of the 1980's, the Group has expanded its field of operations with domestic and foreign agricultural motor production projects, turnkey integrated facility enterprises, as well as the establishment and operation of textile industrial plants.

Each year, Ciner Group's companies of various sectors are being placed among "Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Establishments" announced annually by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

Group's slogan "50 THOUSAND 50", refers to the objective of achieving a total labor force of 50,000 employees and the construction of 50 modern educational institutions. These institutions are being transferred to the Ministry of National Education to serve the needs of Turkish students across the country.

Today, Ciner Group operates with the following 3 groups and various companies:

Ciner Energy and Mining Group
Ciner Media Group
Ciner Commerce, Industry and Service Group

Ciner Group is ranked among Turkey's highest tax paying groups every year, currently employs more than 9700 people.

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